Achieve beautiful skin and nails... the natural way

Our natural Tea Tree Oil system with a proprietary blend of tea tree and eight additional essential oils makes a wonderfully soothing full-body therapy.

It is excellent for athletes foot and toe nail issues. 

Our foot and body treatment system acts as a natural solution to various irritations as well as foot and body odor, helping you find soft, clean and fully rejuvenated skin and nails

Some of our favorite uses:

A great gift for that busy friend who gets 15 things done before breakfast as mere prelude to a day of uncountable accomplishments. Taking care of herself is last on a long to-do list, and your gift will be the best kind of reminder that she is important too.

Moisturize and revive after a day of skiing at Mt Baker. Foot soak away tired feet, body wash sore muscles and moisturize nails exposed to the dry winter air.

Beautify and support skin and nails with a health, vigorous hygiene routine.