Tea Tree Oil Skincare

Happiness brings beauty to mind and soul. But we need to be equally cautious about the products we use on our bodies. Therefore, it is essential to understand the importance of healthy skin. Tea tree oil is a magnificent source to treat skin disorders like inflammation, acne, itchiness. Besides this, it also treats dark spots, body odour, and other turmoil efficiently. We at Purely North-West bring the most sorted range of tea tree skin care products. These products encourage your skin to breathe and glow immeasurably. Our products are made of 100 pure essential tea tree oils, specifically formulated for all skin types. After years of research and analyses, we have developed a skincare range to suit all skin types.

Our collection of tea tree oil skin care products are designed with your best skin in mind. If you suffer from skin irritations or foot and body odor, you’ll love how our products leave your skin feeling refreshed and clean. 

The active ingredient in our products is an essential oil from tea tree (melaleuca alternifolia). It’s easy on sensitive skin, yet helps to treat a variety of skin conditions. 

The benefits of tea tree oil include inhibiting fungal growth, soothing dry skin, and killing the bacteria that cause embarrassing body odors. It also has a significant effect on nail fungus. In a 16-week placebo-controlled study on the treatment of toenail fungus, 80% of patients using a cream containing tea tree oil experienced complete relief of their symptoms. 

Our line of products ranges from tea tree body wash to foot soaks to nail kits. Customers love our skincare products for their pleasant aromas and soothing qualities. They’ll leave your skin soft and your nails strong and healthy. 

Plus, you can rest assured knowing that our products are made and packaged locally in Bellingham, Washington and are always made with pure essential oils.

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