Lets Get Serious About Foot & Nail Care-Directions for Using Kit

The Ultimate System for Healthy Feet & Nails!

Our 3 part system was designed to bring Nail and Foot Care into your Daily Routine...So often we forget to Love our Feet.   Keeping your Feet and Nails clean is the first step to Healthy & Happy Feet.

  • Start your day off by cleaning your Feet & Nails in the Shower.  We recommend using a Nail Brush.  This will ensure the greater majority of dirt and debris will be removed from under the nail and edges.  

  • Apply a thin layer of the Nail Blend, thereby Nourishing your Dry Brittle Nails and Cuticles.

  • Soak your Feet, preferably at nightly, with our Tea Tree Foot & Nail Soak. This will Soothe and Soften your Sore Tired Calloused feet.  Use a pumice stone during your Foot Soak...It is a great way to clean away calloused skin!